Sunday, July 25, 2010

The cost of accessing object fields (part 1)

The common sense make us believe that adding more code and/or more variables leads to bigger programs. Looking at the generated code of one example in the previous post, the addition of one variable made the executable smaller. This occurs because fpc is smart enough to reuse registers (in this case eax).

This week, while fixing one Lazarus bug i noticed the following pattern in the generated code of method TDBEdit.DataChange:

movl 12(%ebx),%eax
movl 24(%eax),%eax

Basically this is the code to access FDataLink.Field property (the first instruction get the FDataLink address and the second get the Field address). So what would happen if this field was "buffered" in a TField local variable?


procedure TDBEdit.DataChange(Sender: TObject);
if FDataLink.Field <> nil then begin
Alignment := FDataLink.Field.Alignment;


procedure TDBEdit.DataChange(Sender: TObject);
DataLinkField: TField;
DataLinkField := FDataLink.Field;
if DataLinkField <> nil then begin
Alignment := DataLinkField.Alignment;

This simple change lead to these differences.

As expected the code became smaller but two things surprised me:
  • There's no increase in the temporary memory allocated
  • The variable assignment did cost nothing (not even one instruction)

    The above test was done with a "clone" of TDBEdit.DataChange in a test project. To make sure there are no confounding factors i also tested with the original code to confirm the differences. Notice that in this case, although the code is also smaller, the addition of the variable increase the temporary memory allocated as well the variable assignment requires one extra instruction. Bad.

    But there was one last hope: compile LCL with -O2 option (i assumed that LCL was already compiled with that optimization turned on). Seems that my assumption was wrong. The -O2 option did the trick: the same result as before.

    In the next post i will play with a few more scenarios.

    And remember: don't forget to put -O2 in LCL build options when doing a release, it makes difference.
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