Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Convert database files from Ansi to UTF-8

While porting old Delphi projects that uses paradox files i faced the problem that the data was stored in an ANSI code page (the current Lazarus version expects UTF-8 encoded strings).

So i wrote an simple application that can convert the encoding of database files (sqlite3, dbf, paradox).

That program can be useful for more than legacy code: after converting a spreadsheet data to a sqlite3 file using Sqlite Data Wizard. The resulted file was in ANSI and there was no option (AFAIK) to convert directly to UTF-8.

I put it here in hope that can be used by someone else.

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Silvio Clécio • Blog said...

Grande Luiz, sempre contribuindo com a galera :)

Valeu Luiz,

Silvio Clécio