Sunday, November 15, 2009

Qt and Lazarus: a nice surprise (again)

Long, long time ago i wrote how the Lazarus Qt interface impressed me by its functionality. Yesterday, after updating my Lazarus working copy to do some debugging in Linux, i rebuilt the IDE as usual. But the IDE looked a little different, most notably the source editor font. I've got sometime to figure that the IDE was compiled using the Qt interface. I use the gtk2 interface but somehow i left the LCL build configured to Qt, so the unexpected result.

Again, the Qt interface surprised me. The IDE ran fine with good looking and very responsive except by bugs 15101 and 15103. Unfortunately, i use a lot the features that these bugs affect and i will stay with gtk2 for now. But as soon as these bugs are fixed i will give a try to Qt again.


เสก said...

Wow.. Screenshots please.

Luiz Américo said...

Hi, i did not have screen shots, but you can take a look in the Qt section of the Lazarus screen shots: