Thursday, March 15, 2007

... and not alone!

After getting VTV to work reasonably well under Windows, i started to port it to Linux/gtk.

It's already compiling but crashes at start with the following message:

"BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)"

Searching such message in Google i get 32.800 results.

At least, i'm not alone ;-)


Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say great work on the freepascal related blog. I've been saying for the past few years that we need more internet communities and websites related to freepascal to get the word out there and let everyone know about the powerful tools we use. Keep the posts coming!


Anonymous said...

Hi! what's the situation about the vtv port? I try the version from your website but is is not working with the latest lazarus? Is a new version available? many thanks

Luiz Américo said...

The VTV port is working fine with current Lazarus in Win32, Gtk1/2 and Qt.

The current version can be obtained from

Remember that you will need also LclExtensions package that is found in the same repository.

I will do a complete post explaining why i did not make a release yet.

Anonymous said...

thanks for your quick reply, but the svn repository does not contain the virtualtreeview package, only vtvextras (virtualdbgrid and vtvextras).

Luiz Américo said...


From that repository you get lclextensions package

VTV is at