Monday, February 12, 2007

Children of the port

A working new VirtualTreeview is far from reality but there are already some results.

Since this is really a complex software, a lot of debugging will be necessary so i needed to extend the Multilog component/package. I just released a new version. But one of the functions i added was the ability to log memory areas and i needed a component to display it. This way i ended porting ATBinHex (in fact is a grandchild of the port ;-)).

As a bonus i implemented TOleStream that was missing from Delphi.

You can find them at


Anonymous said...

Luiz, I don't use Lazarus yet, but have a question. I know a little about dlls in Linux, they are .so, right? Is this a big job to write a .so which can implement ATBinHex as a dll, which can be used in any Linux app? Like in Windows: I can write a dll there.

Is it possible in Linux? Will it work with all libs: gtk1, gtk2?


Luiz Américo said...

Unfortunately is not possible AFAIK. Even calling a TForm from a dll is not supported at this time.

Anonymous said...

Did you see
Vampyre Imaging Library

it has Lazarus version and .so. Or is it nonvisual?

Luiz Américo said...

I did not know. It seems promising. By what i understand is has both nonvisual and Lazarus/Delphi integration.

Later i'll give a better look. Thnaks by the hint